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Meme by :iconlunaeclipsa: Original Meme


[] you love your older brother
[] you often dye your hair
[] you always wear a certain necklace
[] you think one of your friends is rather cute
[^] you tend to hide your own negative emotions with a fake smile
[] you have lost someone very close to you.
[] you often worry about losing the ones close to you
[] you recently have become the leader of a pack
[^] you like sparkling stuff
[] your favorite colour is mint blue

Total: 2



[] you have a crush on one of your closest friends
[^] you were a complete different person in the past
[] you are rather shy
[] you have heterochromia eyes
[] you tend to be more pessimistic
[] you hate your old self
[] you aren’t very close with your siblings
[^] your favorite colour is sky blue
[^] you have done things in the past that you truly regret
[^] your favorite time is the night

Total: 4



[^] everyone else always has better stuff than you do.
[] you often “borrow” things without asking.
[] all girls are hot
[] you have a cousin that you  tease a lot but actually really care about.
[] Mechanic arms are cool
[] you try to look cool and tough but are actually a big softy dork
[] you always wear a hat when outside (and sometimes inside to)
[^] you are very gullible
[] you love the colours gold and silver
[] your first action when meeting a new girl is flirt.

Total: 2



[^] when meeting new people, you hide your true self
[] you hate your full name
[^] you are pretty mature for your age
[] you are smaller than most people your age 
[] your favorite colour is Crimson
[] you often attract more attention than you like
[] you have earrings
[?] you seem to be rather attractive
[] you don’t see your siblings often but still care about them a lot.
[] you like to sass people when they are flirting with you.

Total: 3



[] you are rather chubby
[^] you seem more innocent than you actually are.
[] you are rather arrogant
[^] you like flowers
[] you have freckles
[] you tend to be brutally honest
[] your favorite season is spring
[] you tend to get into fights
[] your favorite colour is cyan
[^] you like sweets

Total: 3



[] you’re one of the youngest of your group
[^] you like sand
[] you would like to live in a desert
[^] you enjoy being in the sunlight
[] your favorite colour is pink
[] you get bored easily
[^] you are rather childish
[] you don’t remember much about your past
[^] you like headbands 
[] your favorite season is summer

Total: 4



[] you have rather poofy hair
[] your favorite colour is purple
[^] your favorite season is autumn
[^] you are rather naïve and childish
[] you have very little memories of your past
[^] you love halloween
[^] you love ghosts and anything spooky
[] you like to wear scarfs
[] you’re gay
[]you’re one of the youngest of your group

Total: 4



[^] you like to sleep
[^] you often dream
[^] you like to day dream
[] you own a Amethyst gemstone
[] your favorite colour is lavender
[] you are a prankster
[^] you believe in the paranormal
[] your favorite season is winter
[] your favorite time of the day is night time
[] you believe the dream world is way better than the real world

Total: 4



[] you are very shy
[^] you prefer to do things your way
[^] you are rather forgetfull
[] your favorite colour is garnet red
[] you have a skull necklace
[] you have earrings
[^] you are easily stressed
[^] you prefer to do things at night than during day
[] your favorite season is winter
[^] you tend to sleep In during day and stay up late at night

Total: 5



[^] you are rather skinny
[] you have unusual eyes
[] you are very sarcastic
[^] you are rather gloomy
[] your favorite colour is Navy blue
[^] you have done things in the past you regret.
[] you like to wear long jackets
[^] you are rather introvert and prefer to be alone
[^] you are very stressfull
[^] your favorite season is autumn.

Total: 6

I guess I'm Sparksie then :D


Autumn--Fyre's Profile Picture
United States
I'm an enderhuman who loves writing stories and comics! Buuut... I'm a horrible artist. So don't expect anything for awhile. :L


To be honest, I don't know when I'm ever going to work on the comic again. I've had nonstop back and chest pain for several months as well as depression. Drawing just seems to mke it worse considering it feels like crap and I'm not getting better. I'm not quitting the comic forever (that would suck after all the planning I've put into it and how supportive you've all been), but I can't say when the next update will be. :/
Quick question: how much time on average to you put into a single drawing? A comic page?
Hey guys, these artists need some attention!
Rinkibu and vinkarokee 
Missed sleep and school so I could go to the ER and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Gave me pain meds (pretty sure for the wrong thing) and said to come back if things got worse. Grump uuuugh.


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